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Act Two

Scene 1
The chamber of Amneris in Thebes. The princess is getting ready for the long awaited meeting with glorious Radamès who led the Egiptians to the victory. The Pharaoh’s daughter calls Aida and tricks her into professing her love for the young commander by falsely telling her that Radamès has died in the battle. The slave cannot hide her despair. Amneris has her guess confirmed. The Ethiopian slave and captain of the guard love each other! Amneris fires with rage. The young girl has to either reject the commander-in-chief or die!

Scene 2
The grand gate of the city of Thebes. The Egyptian troops march into the city led by victorious Radamès. The Egyptian King greets the triumphant Radamès and decrees that on this day he may have anything he wishes.

The Ethiopian captives are rounded up. Aida can see her father Amonasro among them. Calling himself a commander-in chief for the Ethiopians Amonasro declares that the Ethiopian king (he himself) has been slain in battle. Aida, Amonasro and the captured Ethiopians hope for mercy and plead with the Egyptian King for it. However, Ramfis calls for their death. Radamès, on the contrary, wants the captives to be set free. The King sets the prisoners free but Aida and Amonasro remain as hostages. At the end of the celebration ceremony the King of Egypt declares Radamès, the liberator of Egypt, to be his successor and his daughter's betrothed husband. Now power, glory and wealth can belong to the young man but he wants nothing. He will not trade in Aida’s love.


    December, 2018