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Act Three

On the banks of the Nile, near the Temple of Isis. Hiding outside Aida waits to meet Radamès to say her last goodbye. The young girl does not want to live without him, the river will be her grave. In the meantime prayers are said to Isis so the godess would give blessing to the Amneris and Radamès' marriage.

Amonasro appears all of a sudden. He has learnt about love between his daughter and Radamès. He forces Aida to agree to find out the miitary secret from Radamès. Having heard a refusal he curses Aida. Torn between love to her motherland and Radamès, the young girl agrees to do what her father demands.

When Radamès apears, Amonasro hides behind a rock. Military duty makes the young man lead against the Ethiopians once more. Radamès hopes that after his second glorious victory The King will agree to break his engagement with Amneris so he could marry Aida. The young girl is confident that the Pharaoh’s daughter will not give up and they will both die. Fleeing to Ethiopia is the only way out. In order to make their escape easier, Radamès proposes that they use a safe route and he also reveals the location where his army has chosen to attack.

Upon hearing this, Amonasro in high spirits comes out of hiding and reveals his identity. He ha heard what he needs for the victory over the Egyptians. Radamès is horrified. He has become a traitor.

At the same time Amneris and Ramfis leave the temple and, seeing Radamès with their enemy, call the guards. Aida and her father disappear in the darkness while Radamès surrenders to the imperial guards. 


    December, 2018