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In the palace of King Florestan XIV everybody celebrates the christening of his daughter – Princess Aurora. With the sweet sounds of harps and violins the godmother – the Lilac Fairy with her retinue – appears. The kind fairies – the Tenderness, the Vividness, the Generosity, the Courage and the Serenity - bring the newborn their gifts, granting Aurora the finest human features.

The master-of-ceremonies Catalabutte announces that the evil and powerful fairy Carabosse approaches the palace. She has not been invited, so she is extremely angry and she hurries to the celebration of her own volition. Being furious, Carabosse foretells that the young Aurora will fall asleep forever when she pricks with a spindle. The Lilac Fairy calms the parents down and promises that the kind forces will destroy the evil spells. She makes Karabosse leave the palace.

To avoid the misfortune that has been predicted by the evil sorceress, the king gives order to prohibit the use of knitting needles and spindles in his kingdom under penalty of death.

Act I

In the royal castle a celebration is being prepared because of Aurora’s adulthood. Catalabutte sees some peasant women who have come with spindles to work in the palace despite the ban, which has been in force for 16 years. They escape the death penalty only due to the celebration in honour of the princess’ birthday.

The guests are coming to the palace from every corner of the kingdom, among them there are grooms, aspiring to the hand of beautiful Aurora.

In the midst of the celebration, an old woman in a dark robe appears. She gifts the girl a spindle. Suddenly the princess pricks herself and falls unconscious. Everyone recognizes in the stranger the triumphant fairy Carabosse: her prediction has come true.

The Lilac Fairy – Aurora’s patroness – appears. She cannot cancel the evil spells of Carabosse, but to weaken them is in her power: Aurora will not die, but only fall asleep. She will be revived by the kiss of a prince.

Waving her magic wand, she plunges the whole kingdom into a dream together with Aurora.

Act II

Scene I

A hundred years passed. In the magic garden Prince Desire and his retinue are hunting. The Lilac Fairy appears in front of the young man and evokes the image of a beautiful Aurora. The prince recognizes the one who often has come to him in the dreams. Desire begs to help him to find the girl.

Scene II

Prince Desire floats in a boat to the enchanted castle together with the Lilac Fairy. In the sleeping magical kingdom only the evil fairy Carabosse and her servants are awake. They block the path to anyone who intends to enter the sleeping kingdom. They hear the sounds that foreshadow the appearance of the Lilac Fairy. The villain and her retinue are trying to hide Aurora from the fairy and Desire, but everything is in vain – the prince sees the sleeping beauty. Conquered by her beauty, he gently kisses the girl – and evil spells are destroyed! Carabosse with her retinue disappears. Aurora awakens and the whole kingdom revives with her. The ardent feeling of first love embraces Aurora and Desire. The Prince asks the King and Queen for the hand of their daughter and they are glad to agree.


In the palace the magnificent wedding of Aurora and Desire is celebrated. Among the numerous guests there are the characters of fairy tales: Princess Florina and Blue bird, the White Cat and Puss-in-Boots, Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. The newly married couple

receives congratulations from the Fairies of Diamonds, Sapphires, Gold and Silver. The Lilac Fairy and her retinue bless the bride and groom for a long and happy life.


    January, 2019