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Art Festival programme

9 September (Friday) - The grand opening of the festival

On the 120th anniversary of the performance of Ukrainian opera diva Solomia Krushelnitskaya on the stage of Odessa Opera House, the theatre presents "Madame Butterfly" by G. Puccini with the participation of the soloist of the National Opera of Ukraine, People's Artist of Ukraine Tatiana Anisimova. Conductor – Chief conductor of Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, People's Artist of the Republic of Moldova Alexandru Samoila.

10 September (Saturday)

Opera "Dido and Aeneas" by Henry Purcell. Conductor – Chief conductor of Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, People's Artist of the Republic of Moldova Alexandru Samoila.

Among the multifaceted creative heritage of Henry Purcell his only opera "Dido and Aeneas" has a unique place, with it Purcell laid a foundation of the national English opera. The expressive power of music, the clairvoyance of the drama and the appeal to everlasting themes permitted this opera to retain and confirm the value of this genre in the history of the British and world music culture.

For almost two centuries this opera was relegated to oblivion, but in XX century with the growth of zest to the ancient music and the baroque traditions, "Dido and Aeneas" is performed with ever increasing frequency on the leading theatre stages of the world. Odessa Opera House is on top of modern theatrical trends that is why the premiere "Dido and Aeneas", which was a wonderful final of the 206th season, is included in the festival programme.

Amazing cast – the soloists of opera and ballet, the choir and orchestra of the theatre, an authentic director’s version by the chief director Oksana Taranenko and music under the baton of the chief conductor Alexandru Samoila create the effect of plunging into the era of Baroque music.

11 September (Sunday)

Ballet “Cipollino” by Karen Khachaturyan with the participation of Alexander Stoyanov (National Opera of Ukraine).

Conductor – Igor Chernetskiy. The performance starts at 12.00

Festival devotes attention to the kid’s fans of theatre as well. Sparkling, cheerful, bright ballet "Cipollino" is one of the recent premieres of the theatre for children and the whole family. Everyone has caught the fancy of the production and it has become a real gem of the repertoire. Children are in raptures over the tricks of the protagonist and the adults, remembering their childhood, are full of positive emotions and all of them applaud the actors.

September 15 (Thursday)

Concert "Bereginia. Resurrecting of soul" with the participation of People's Artist of Ukraine Nina Matviyenko, bard singer Mariana Sadovskaya, the soloists and orchestra of Odessa Opera House.

Conductor - Oksana Lyniv (Germany).

Unique concert programme  is based on comparison of music features of the west and east of Ukraine. You will hear the vocal cycles of modern Ukrainian composer Oleg Kiva performed by People's Artist of Ukraine Nina Matvienko, the owner of unique, soulful voice.

Another cultural pole of Ukraine will be presented with the music of the Carpathians and Hutsulshchina in the works by Lviv composers Nikolay Kolessa and Alexander Kozarenko. "Pyat vesіlnikh ladkan z Pokuttya" by A. Kozarenko for voice and chamber orchestra will be performed by the bard singer Mariana Sadovskaya whose creative work will give the festival a special savor. Mariana Sadovskaya is among the most eagerly sought performers in Europe, who promotes the style and manner of authentic singing, typical to western Ukraine. Her voice charms and creates the atmosphere of immersion in the ancient history of Ukraine. The opera soloist Anastasia Golub, who has a gentle and powerful soprano, also participates in the programme as well as the orchestra of Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater.

The Carpathian kolomyjkas and jazz, piano sounding like cimbalom and the chamber orchestra will be presented by the conductor Oksana Lyniv in a united concert space, with her grace, exquisite taste and understanding of the nature of Ukrainian musical culture.

18 September (Sunday)

Ballet - gala "On the edge of centuries." The concert with the participation of the leading ballet artists of Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. Conductor - Vitaliy Kovalchuk.

Choreographic concert "On the edge of centuries" has soaked up all the richness and diversity of choreographic styles and trends. It has a single conceptual line that enables the audience to feel the ballet magic at the turn of XX-XXI centuries!

The best pieces of choreographic art of the second half of XX century and original ballet composition of young, talented choreographers of our theatre will make an integral content of the festival. The audience will immediately plunge into the magical world of choreography due to unfading charm of the music for the ballet "Masquerade", an exhibition dedicated to the ballet art, but the culmination of the ballet night will be on the stage!

23 September (Friday)

"Beethoven. Measuring the universe with music ...".

The concert programme with the participation of Elena Bashkirova (Israel, Germany), piano; Honoured Artist of Ukraine Sergey Polyakov, Honoured Artist of Ukraine Tatiana Zakharchuk, laureate of international competitions Inga Martynova and orchestra of the theatre under the baton of the chief conductor, People's Artist of the Republic of Moldova Alexandru Samoila.

The programme of the concert consists of the works by Ludwig van Beethoven. They will be premieres in Odessa Opera House: concerto №3 for piano and orchestra; aria `Ah, perfido` for soprano and orchestra; music to drama "Egmont" for a narrator, soprano and orchestra. For the first time on the stage of Odessa Opera House a well-known pianist Elena Bashkirova (Germany, Israel) will appear with the orchestra of Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.

24 September (Saturday).

Ballet "Swan Lake" by P.Tchaikovsky with the participation of prima of National Ballet of Canada Svetlana Lunkina.

Conductor - Honoured Artist of Ukraine Igor Shavruk.

The immortal work of the great composer always has sold-out halls. With a brilliant ballerina, prima of National Ballet of Canada Svetlana Lunkina, who has an impeccable style, sophisticated way of classical dance and fundamental school, the performance of "Swan Lake" will be an extraordinary event of the festival!

Famous ballet critics say the ballerina Svetlana Lunkina is a rare talent, a superstar of contemporary ballet art! Immediately after the tour in New York and Tokyo and before the start of the ballet season in Canada Svetlana Lunkina comes to us, to Odessa!

25 September (Sunday) - Closing the festival.

Gala-concert "Opera look-alikes"

Conductor - Chief conductor of Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, People's Artist of the Republic of Moldova Alexandru Samoila.

The concert "Opera look-alikes", which involves the leading soloists of Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, the guest soloist Yuriy Minenko (counter - tenor) and orchestra of Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre under the baton of Alexander Samoila finishes the festival programme.

In the original concert programme there are arias and scenes from popular, well-known works that became opera hits and rarely performed operatic pieces, united by the single theme and presented in an unusual format. Unexpected twists in the plot of the concert "Opera look-alikes" will add a special intrigue to this fascinating theatre night, which will be the culmination point of the festival "Mellow season in Odessa Opera House!"


    November, 2018